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In class today we are going to read our dare letters and on 5/28/10 and then we graduate from dare and the day before that we go on our feildtrip.


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Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E)

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D.A.R.E(Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

The dare program is a program about drugs and how they affect your body and how people die from them like tobacco affects your body’s development and marijuana affects your brains cells  and they both can kill you.

In dare we learnt alot of things like drugs that are bad for you like tobacco is really bad for your body because it carries nicotine and it kills up to 400,000 people thorough out the u.s.a a year just like beer it has alcohol in it which makes your vision go off track and makes your breath smell bad.

It is also illegal to sell tobacco to people who are under the age 18 people who start smoking at the age of 18 they can become addicted by the age of 24 people who get addicted to tobacco mostly die because of lung cancer and tobacco related causes.

I have also learnt that beer,whisky,and other types alcohols can get people in to the death chain because it makes your body have slow reflexes so if you get in a car crash you will not fill nothing till the alcohol is out of your body till the next day and it is illegal to sell it to people who are under the age 21 and they all have the same amount of alcohol in them.

Them are the things that I have learned in dare this year and my pledge about dare is that I will never do drugs because I like to play football and if I do drugs it will slow me down.

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The Burning Bridge……….

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This post will be deleted if PUGS are not corrected.

The book that I am reading is The Burning Bridge. It is a great book for people who like adventures and action books because that is what it is mostly about. The main character is Gillan. This is the best series ever and there are four books and they are the ruins of Gorlan,the burning bridge,the ice-bound land,and least but not last the battle for Skandia. The thing that I like about this book is that it has excitement and it has adventure and fighting and I like them kind of books I like to read.

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My Destiny

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I can control my destiny because I can take control my actions and no body can control them what about you can you control your destiny? I like to hang out with my friends and I control that I do my home work when I want to after school I the afternoon or even at night I can’t control my destiny when I do my chores because they got to be done in a certain time and when I go to bed I have to be in bed by 9:00 P.M.

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What To Do With A Bully

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We are reading a book called The Revealers and we were asked a question what to do with a bully? The main character in the book is Russell and he is getting followed around by the school bully Richie and Richie has been stocking Russell all the time.

What I would if I had a bully?

First I would try to be nice to him and try to become friends with him then if that don’t work? Second I will try to stay away from him then if that don’t work? Third I will tell the principal and if that don’t work? Finally I would move to a another school.

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What Is Your Potential

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I think that my potential would be between 95 and a 96. What would you think your potential would be in two weeks till the Ohio Achievement Test will you give it your best effort. Are you going to be like Brock in the movie and don’t give up?

The best thing that I can say is if you think you can do it give it your best shot/effort.What do you think that your potential would be on the OAT in two weeks?

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Hiting a Brick Wall

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Boy are students in Reading Workshop about to be surprised.  They may not be crash dummies, but they are headed for a wreck.  After six months of reading and writing, of discussion and learning, of  thinking and blogging, things are about to change.  Woohoo, it is time to get ready for the Ohio Achievement Assessment (this used to be the OAT until they decided we needed a new acronym).

Let’s see, we start with pull out for intervention.  Then we add pull out for test taking skills.  Next is pull out students with IEP’s so they know what they have to do for the test.  Then, it is my turn to go to the office and run off about 73,000 copies of old test passages about engaging stuff like what makes a dummy crash, with thought-provoking questions for students to answer.
Don’t get me wrong.  I think I believe that the test is important.  When I go to grade level meetings next year, they will determine if I am a hero, or a zero.  Students will be placed in seventh grade based on the ability  they show on the test.  So they must do well.  Our school will be evaluated based on students showing they are better test takers than last year. So obviously the test is important.
Why will students feel like they hit a wall next week?
Stay tuned as we discover the answers to these questions and find out why dummies keep running into brick walls, or something like that.
this blog was found The Reading Workshop blog

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S.S Info About Hatshepsut

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This is a project for s.s and language arts that we are doing in class about the Pharaohs in ancient egypt.

Hatshepsut was the first female Pharaoh.She was the Pharaohs wife.Hatshepsut’s father was Thutmose I.

Hatshepsut constructed a fabulous temple in the valley of the kings,of all places,by a tall plateau across the Nile river from stopping the grave robbers.

Hatshepsut managed to rule for about twenty years, before disappearing from history… coinciding with Thutmose III becoming Pharaoh in his own right.

She had a half-brother that she married Thutmose II.She was known as the first female Pharaoh to all the Pharaohs.She was the ruler in the 18-dynasty.

The way that she impacted on her civilization is that she expanded trading.


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Imagine picking up a book written in French.  How much would you understand?  How about the same book in English?  Even if there are parts you don’t understand, you could get the gist.  This is because you know enough of the words to help you comprehend.
What you know is a key to understanding as you read.  Using background knowledge, or your experiences, help make connections to the text, and then comprehension increases. Good readers constantly try to make sense out of what they read by seeing how it fits with what they already know.
As you are reading, think of connections from your experience to the text. This is the foundation, that will help you understand new facts, ideas, settings, and characters. As good readers read, they think about what they are reading and consider how it fits with what they already know.

New facts or information only makes sense when we connect it to what we already know. Using prior knowledge helps make sense of the text.
As you read today in Reading Workshop, consider what you already know that helps you understand your book.  What facts and information (prior knowledge) are you using to understand the text?
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The Saints Won the Super Bowl.

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The Saints won the Super bowl on 2/7/10 ageist the Colts 31-17 and at the frist quarter the colts where takeing the lead of the game by 10pt’s in the second the colts also took the lead and in the third the saints took the leed to the end of the game and won the game.

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